Jeremy Diamond is a studio artist and metalsmith living in Denton, Texas. He will graduate with a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in metalsmithing and jewelry from the University of North Texas, as well as an MFA in Studio Art with the same concentration from the University of Georgia. His practice as an artist centers on the balance between intimate and public information inherent to bodily adornment to convey information about individuals and their relationships to their own bodies and the world around them. He uses scale and imagery to create a dialogue between wearer and worn object that reveals some aspect of the wearer’s internal reality, as well as the nature of adornment itself.
Diamond’s work through his undergraduate career is largely divided into two bodies of work, one addressing the inevitability of human death and a second, more recent body of work addressing the disparity of lifestyle between the working class and the wealthy. The former utilizes fungal and decomposition imagery as a motif in jewelry that brings to the front of the wearer’s mind the reality of their own mortality. The latter body of work uses traditional floriographic imagery to create wearable sculptures that greatly encumber the wearer, and in doing so, highlights the freedom to exert effort for leisure experienced by the bourgeoisie. These bodies of work, though separate conceptually, are unified in Diamond’s approach to imagery and detail. In Diamond’s most recent works, the luxury nature and inherent impracticality of jewelry have been persistent leitmotifs expressed by an increasingly labor-intensive digital fabrication processes and departure into materials that are physically and conceptually restrictive such as steel and paper.

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